Erotica on shellac


Original post here. Image is an advertisement containing the following text: “Adult Party Records. (Stag Shop Xclusive.) Racy ditties and gay parodies about those spicy, intimate moments. Familiar only to habitués of back-alley, continental bistros and off-beat, ‘after-hours’ clubs. This discs will be snatched up in hurry…so we suggest you order YOURS right away because we have only a small quantity (as you can well understand). 14 ‘EXCLUSIVE’ selections (we wish we could list them). No. PR-1. $5.98 plus $1.00 shipping cost. Available in 78 RPM only. Unbreakable! CAUTION: Plays these records softly…after you’ve heard them you’ll know why.” Sourced via greatgrottu. Original text:


“We wish we could list them”

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