From grime to glory


Original post here. Image is an advertisement that contains the copy “From grime to glory. ¶ A few hours ago you, perhaps, were standing up on an assembly line’s straining pace…or doing some hundred other Victory duties. Now, after a warm, relaxing tub or invigorating shower, you’ll rub away the day’s cares and soon step forth again a lovely lady. ¶ The ritual of the bath does more than clense, it is a tonic you and your family owe yourselves! And an important part of it is the care you give your towels…for those towels, like so many other things these days, must be kept ‘durable for the duration.’ These suggestions by the makers of Cannon towels will help you to make your towels last longer. ¶ How to get extra wear from your towels: Lander before they become too soiled. Fluff-dry terry towels–never iron. If loops become snagged–cut off, never pull. Mend selvage and other breaks immediately. Buy good-quality towels–always the best economy. ¶ Millions of Cannon and other towels are now going to our Armed Forces. That’s the way you want it to be — but it’s also why your favorite store may not have as wide a selection as formerly. Naturally, you won’t buy any towels unless it’s absolutely necessary; but if you MUST buy, you’ll be wise to look for Cannon, the towel that has always stood for good value.” Sourced to Flickr / X-Ray Delta One. Original text:


From Grime To Glory

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