What’s Opera, Doc?


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In 2007, cinema artist, John Alvin (1949-2008), was commissioned to imagine what a movie one-sheet might look like for Chuck Jones’s “What’s Opera, Doc?” 

Alvin, known for creating such iconic movie posters such as “Blazing Saddles”, “Blade Runner”, and “The Lion King”, obliged, and the results, as you can see, are rather spectacular.

Δ 077 – Say Hello To Blinky!


The earliest post in this animation’s tumblr chain of attribution contains the tags “#Shizuku #Hunter x Hunter #HunterxHunter #HxH #gif”. The reference is to Hunter X Hunter, a Japanese manga series adapted into an anime television show. The girl in this animation is the character Shizuku, who has the power to summon a magical vacuum cleaner named Blinky who can suck up anything that is not alive or itself conjured. There are some screen caps of Shizuku and Blinky here, including this one:


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