Δ 072 – The Christmas Bride


This striking image of the Bride of Frankenstein with her hair decorated with poinsettias and pine cones is called The Christmas Bride where it appears on artist Patrick Awa’s website. The artist writes:

It took me forever(I also upgraded my tablet from old Intuos 3 to Intuos 5 touch during this production which also caused a bit of struggle to figure out the proper settings), but it is finally done. This will be printed in Giclee and framed for upcoming Q Pop’s “Black Christmas” show.

“The Christmas Bride”
11 1/4 x 27 1/4 inches
Digital, Giclee Print on watercolor paper

Original post here. Image provenance by Bacchus at ErosBlog.

Δ 054 – Chained Monster And Mate


This “Frankenstein and his bride” image is watermarked “Scott Blair Art”. The source Tumblr blog in the image’s Tumblr chain of attribution is ScottBlairArt, the “artwork blog of modern pinup and sketch artist Scott Blair.” The image appears there under the name Monster and Mate.

Blair’s website is at ScottBlairArt.com. Blair’s “about” page there reveals:

Scott Blair is a freelance illustrator currently located in Tampa, Florida. He graduated in 2000 from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design – focusing on illustration. Originally working traditionally in acrylic paints, Scott made the switch to digital painting in 2005. He takes his original drawings, scans them into Photoshop and paints them digitally using a Wacom pad.

In 2007, Scott shot a Bettie Page inspired photo shoot, after which he realized that creating modern pin-up art was his new passion. Since then, he has been creating custom pin-up artworks for commercial and private clients…

The artist’s DeviantArt page includes two more Bride-themed artworks (here and here).

Original post here. Image provenance by Bacchus at ErosBlog.

Δ 043 – The Bride Wears White


Although the blogspot blog in the URL watermark on this image no longer exists, a version in the Internet Archives from 2014 advertises Dan Fabris, “freelance illustrator for hire.”

A version of the subject Bride of Frankenstein artwork also appears in a five-year-old web tee-shirt shop identifying the artist as Dan Fabris of Parkville, Australia.

Confusion in the provenance of this artwork arises from the source URL in the tumblr chain of attribution, which sources the work to “god-awful.deviantart.com” (note the single hyphen). In fact, the work appears in the gallery for DeviantArt artist god[hyphen][hyphen]awful.deviantart.com (that’s a double hyphen that’s impossible to render literally in both WordPress and Tumblr, both of which insist on converting it to an em-dash) where the art is indeed titled “The Bride.” The artist — who gives his name as “Damn Fabris” on DeviantArt — writes:

I recently saw Bride of Frankenstein.

Great movie! She’s such a rad looking character it’s a shame she does fuck all in the flick.

Anyways, here she is!!

Artist Fabris has in the same gallery a related artwork called simply Frankenstein’s Monster:


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Δ 039 – The Bride’s Heart


This Bride of Frankenstein artwork is by Los Angeles artist Diana Levin, whose official web page is here, where the artwork appears in her online gallery. According to her bio, much of her artwork “consists of darker versions of well known fairy tale creatures as well as my own made up characters and stories.”

The artwork has been available in the artist’s Etsy store (currently not open for business), where the Diana Levin writes:

This adorable Bride of Frankenstein was originally painted in acrylics on wooden panel. I used mostly grays for that old classic movie style look. Splashes of red can be found in her eyes and the anatomical heart she is holding. Behind her lightning bolts are flashing.

The story with the heart? I will leave it to you to interpret for yourself.

A brief 2014 interview with the artist may be found here at FangirlNation.

Original post here. Image provenance by Bacchus at ErosBlog.

Δ 031 Bride And Her Cat Gomez


The originating Tumblr post in this image’s chain of Tumblr provenances credits this artwork to El Gato Gomez, and the signature confirms: “Gomez ’14”. El Gato Gomez is an artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (according to a blog interview here) whose name comes from the signature cat (Gomez) who appears in many of her works. Her web page is here, and although the gallery there does not include the Bride Of Frankenstein image seen here, there are two clearly-related works in it:



In a post at another blog post she describes her formative influences:

My personal obsession with Mid Century style began very early. As a child I would sit for hours browsing through a small collection of personal treasures my mother had kept from her own childhood. She had a fabulous stash of photo albums,children’s books, and toys that were kept in a closet. I was especially enthralled with a 1960s Disneyland souvenir photo album. The images of Tomorrowland blew my tiny brain into space and the Mary Blair designed Small World dioramas tickled me to pieces. I had never seen anything so enchanting. Visions of the Haunted Mansion and my mother’s recollection of whirling, transparent ghosts and stretching portraits thrilled me completely. My first visit to a Disney park came shortly after Epcot Center opened and I was not disappointed. My most recent trip with my own child only reinforced the awe.

Another great influence was my grandmother whose house lay directly on a graveyard. I visited often on weekends and every Saturday we would watch the classic horror movies on “Creature Feature”. A passion for the macabre in black and white never left me and vintage horror movies and retro TV became part of DNA. Ask my kids — it’s hereditary.

Additional art from this artist may be found on her DeviantArt page.

Original post here. Image provenance by Bacchus at ErosBlog.

Δ 019 – Charge Of The Bride


Allow me to present a guest attribution that does a better job than I could hope to accomplish by artful paraphrase. From Frankensteinia, The Frankenstein Blog:

The Bride of Frankenstein as pin-up girl is a favorite subject for cartoonists and tattoo artists, but few illustrators are as accomplished as Aly Fell of Manchester, UK, whose sumptuous art is of a tradition that tracks back directly to the classic glamour artists like Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas.

Fell’s smart and sexy subjects are beautifully composed and awash in rich colors and witty details, as evidenced in his Bride portrait, entitled Charge! (2007). This Bride wears purple lipstick, green silk stockings and keeps a wrench on her dressing table. Hairspray by the crateful explains the hairstyle. Note the autographed snapshot of her beau and the stashed Abby Normal brain.

Aly (Alastair) Fell work is displayed for your guaranteed appreciation on his website and blog.

All I would add to that is that the artist has a substantial bio and gallery available on his website.

Original post here. Image provenance by Bacchus at ErosBlog.

Δ 012 Monsters Embrace


A larger but heavily-watermarked version of this image can be found at ArtSlant with the caption “Nick Hernandez, Monster’s Embrace, 2007, Acrylic on Canvas. This is consistent with the visible signature on the artwork, which could easily be the artist’s “NH” initials. No further information about this artist could be discovered.

Original post here. Image provenance by Bacchus at ErosBlog.