The Peking Pornographer


Tweeted by the Pulp Librarian.  Image appears to be a paperback novel cover containing the text “The Peking Pornographer.  An all-new espionage escapade by Mallory T. Knight.  T.O.M.C.A.T. agent Tim O’Shane on an assignment that goes from bad to worse — where dead men tell tales, shoot to kill, and change their sex in an evil plot to subvert the West!”

Lust at the Waterfront


My original tumblr post was here.  This image is a paperback cover for Lust at the Waterfront by Byron Woolfe, identified as a “Saber Book 75¢.” It bears the internal caption “She was Nick’s girl, but in his absence Johnny took over. But it wasn’t long before Johnny was ‘swarmed’ by the other beauties around the waterfront.”  Original text:

eroticartrainbow:   said:

Artist – Bill Edwards

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