First at New Orleans’s Union Terminal

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The first train arrives at Union Passenger Terminal, January 8, 1954. The train was the Southern Pacific’s Sunset Limited, which came in from the West Coast on track 12 at 4:35 p.m. Mayor Morrison and other officials and guests boarded the train at the Carrollton Station and rode it into the new terminal. At 5:00 p.m., the Illinois Central’s Panama Limited became the first train to leave the station, bound for Chicago.

[Photograph by Leon Trice. New Orleans Railroad Terminal Board Series, Municipal Government Photograph Collection]

At Chillicothe

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ATSF, Chillicothe, Illinois, 1947 by Center for Railroad Photography & Art

Santa Fe Railway passenger train “Second 24,” the second section of the eastbound Grand Canyon Limited behind streamlined 4-6-4 steam locomotive no. 3460, drifts to a stop at Chillicothe, Illinois, on August 3, 1947. Photograph by Wallace W. Abbey, © 2015, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Abbey-02-091-03

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